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Driving Innovation

Toronto’s Premiere Commercial Cleaning Services Company, Leading the Way with Innovation

Using the latest techniques, tools, science and technology to deliver responsive, transparent customer service, and create better results.

What We Use

We are continuously seeking out the most effective technology to help keep your environments clean, safe and healthy. We are also able to provide exceptional customer service by always being available, transparent, and communicative with our clients.


Cleaning on Demand

Our Cleaning on Demand program is revolutionizing our cleaning services. We utilize the Crowd Comfort app to offer a seamless and convenient platform for our clients to request cleaning services whenever and wherever they need it. Within minutes, our clients can schedule a cleaning appointment, specify their cleaning requirements, and receive real-time updates on the progress of their cleaning request. This innovative app connects our clients directly with our highly skilled cleaning professionals, ensuring prompt and reliable cleaning services tailored to their exact needs.

The Crowd Comfort app provides our clients with the flexibility and convenience they deserve when it comes to cleaning services. Whether they require a one-time cleaning or regular maintenance, the app allows them to easily request and manage their cleaning appointments at their preferred time and location. Additionally, the app facilitates seamless communication between our clients and cleaning professionals, ensuring that any specific instructions or concerns are addressed promptly. With the Crowd Comfort app, our cleaning company brings efficiency, transparency, and exceptional customer experience to the forefront of our on-demand cleaning services.