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Asset Preservation Services to Extend the Lifespan of Your Property

We believe that cleaning goes beyond simply removing dirt and dust. It’s about providing comprehensive solutions that ensure the right ways to clean while safeguarding your assets. Our overarching theme is centred around not just cleaning, but also recommending the proper techniques and preventing any damage in the process.

Asset Preservation

It’s not about what you clean, but how you clean

Cleaning for Appearance and for Health

We understand that cleanliness is not solely about appearance; it’s about maintaining a healthy environment as well. That’s why we prioritize both aspects, ensuring that your space not only looks impeccable but also promotes a safe and hygienic atmosphere.

Asset Preservation is Our Priority

Whether we are cleaning for appearance or health, we are committed to preserving your valuable assets. We recognize that damaged fixtures can lead to additional costs for replacements, which is why we take extra care in every cleaning job we undertake. Our meticulous attention to detail and expertise prevent any harm to your fixtures, ensuring they remain intact and functional.

Leave a Lasting Impression

Our goal is to leave you with an experience that exceeds your expectations. We strive for perfection in every task we undertake, ensuring that when you choose Lexus, you are left with something that will be talked about for years to come. We want to provide you with a level of service that stands out from the rest, and we accomplish this by delivering exceptional results every time.

How we can help your business

Floor Maintenance

Our floor maintenance service includes regular cleaning, polishing, and sealing to protect your floors from wear and tear. By employing specialized techniques and high-quality products, we ensure that your floors maintain their pristine appearance while extending their lifespan.

Upholstery Cleaning

We offer professional upholstery cleaning services to preserve the beauty and longevity of your furniture. Our trained technicians use gentle yet effective methods to remove dirt, stains, and allergens, leaving your upholstery fresh, clean, and free from damage.

Window Care

Our window care service goes beyond regular cleaning. We utilize industry-approved techniques and eco-friendly products to not only make your windows spotless but also protect them from scratches, hard water stains, and other potential damage. Our attention to detail ensures crystal-clear views and enhances the longevity of your windows.

HVAC System Maintenance

Proper maintenance of your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system is crucial for preserving its efficiency and lifespan. Our skilled technicians provide comprehensive HVAC system cleaning and maintenance services, including air duct cleaning, filter replacement, and equipment inspection, ensuring optimal performance and preventing costly repairs.

Carpet Care

Carpets can easily accumulate dirt, stains, and allergens, leading to premature wear and tear. Our carpet care service involves deep cleaning, stain removal, and regular maintenance to protect your carpets and extend their lifespan. We employ advanced cleaning methods that are gentle on fibers while effectively eliminating dirt and allergens.

Surface Protection

We offer surface protection services for various surfaces, including countertops, fixtures, and high-traffic areas. By applying protective coatings and sealants, we shield surfaces from scratches, stains, and other forms of damage. Our surface protection solutions help preserve the aesthetic appeal and longevity of your valuable assets.